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I'm a writer and editor based in Missoula with roots in New York and the Bay Area. I'm studying Environmental Science and Natural Resource Journalism in the graduate program at the University of Montana, where I look for connections between the natural world and social justice, community health and art. Once I won a fight with a rooster using only my words!

Montana Standard

Folk Festival profiles: Troy De Roche, the Maguires, the Hermanos Herrera

Unpacking their instruments on Friday morning, the Maguire family discovered that some habits from back home in Ireland wouldn’t hold up in Butte’s high temperatures this weekend. For example: the pens they carry in their cases to sign CDs after concerts would have to stay in a cooler. In the unexpected heat, one had leaked all over 11-year-old Sean’s bodhran, a traditional Irish drum that normally doesn’t have pen splattered on the inside.
Montana Standard

Butte's Engineers Without Borders restore a Central American road

When Butch Gerbrandt and his team of Engineers Without Borders from Montana Tech first got to El Salvador in 2010, the project they’d planned to start was already finished. Instead, local officials in Atiquizaya, a municipality about 55 miles from the country’s capital, presented the group of students and mentors with an even bigger challenge: a critical road that was slipping sideways into the river, three feet at a time.
Native News Project 2017 | University of Montana

Care at Capacity: Crow Tribe revives long-term care but faces roadblocks

When TroyLnn Shotgunn was 48 years old, she decided to give the nursing home a try. It was more than a decade after rheumatoid arthritis forced her to leave her teaching job. Managing her health at her home had proven too difficult. Four times that year, Shotgunn ended up in the emergency room, immobilized and in pain while her medication lay forgotten in a drawer. The second time, a doctor — recognizing a pattern — told her she might as well put a gun to her head.
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