This once was my haircut and likely will be again one day.

A few more things...

Hi again. The best way to see what I'm about is to click around this site and read whatever strikes your fancy — or email me! — but here are a few notes about where I've worked, what I'm interested in, and who has decided I'm promising enough to fund.

My work has been published in High Country News, the Washington Post, the LA Review of Books Blarb, Nieman Storyboard, Yes! Magazine, Missoula Independent, Autostraddle, and more. I've worked in newsrooms at the Montana Standard in Butte (Summer 2017) and Montana Public Radio (currently). You'll find work from all these on this website.

I've been primarily a writer; in the last year I've leaned enthusiastically into photography and am also developing my audio storytelling skills. I'm really great at doing "radio voice," so much so that an editor at NPR once told me to just talk like a normal person (which I can also do).

I've recently begun learning to play roller derby, perhaps the most fun sport ever invented. My greatest derby disappointment so far is that I can only use one of my long list of excellent name ideas — so if you're looking for a funny and slightly violent alter ego, please be in touch, as I have extras.

Recent fellowships:

The Open Notebook/Burroughs Wellcome Fund Science Writing Fellowship (will begin July 2018)

Crown Reporting Fellowship (2017)

San Francisco Writers’ Grotto Fellowship (2016)

Subjects that tend to pique my interest (an inexhaustive list):

Mining towns • Pollution and health • Online communities • Social psychology • Documentary theater • Data visualization • Immigrant narratives • Endocrinology • Dystopian societies (fictional and otherwise) • Literature • Russian translation • Folk tales and mythology • Bartering economies • Childbirth support practices • Healthcare policy • Comic books • The history of Tarot • Roller derby